There are absolutely no contradictions in the Holy Scriptures, and the Spirit of Truth will also back up all understanding of the Bible that is truth. Thus, we have a threefold witness:

1. The Old Testament prophecy is completely and clearly true by its complete and exact fulfillment.

2. The New Testament is the exact fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy, which is proof that the foundation of prophecy is of God because Man cannot make this many prophecies come to pass about one person. The person Jesus Christ and this is the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

3. If we have the Holy Spirit abiding within, this will be our third witness to confirm the truth.

With these three witnesses of proof, we will also see that symbolism is also harmonious with all three the same definition in the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Revelation of Jesus Christ.
Definitions of prophecies given in the Old Testament that are fulfilled in that dispensation shown by symbols, such as in the book Daniel, also are defined in like manner in the Revelation, harmonizing all prophecy given by God to His people.

This beautiful golden thread of harmony from Genesis through Revelation gives positive proof that God knew all from the beginning, and it came true as he said it would. Now minute history proves that these things came to pass just as the Mighty God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, said that it would, even up until our day. Therefore, the projection of prophecy from this point in time on is exceptionally clear. As you read this book in order starting at the beginning, it will become clear to the reader that all these things are elucidated from the scriptures, and are no one's personal interpretation.